Monday [7:30AM – 8:15AM]:

In-Person Concurrent Roundtable Sessions / Networking ▱

  • Cross Cutting I: Time As the Pandemic’s Fourth Dimension: Legal Issues over Extended Time Periods
  • Cross Cutting II: Discussions from Forensic Epidemiology Workgroup
  • Infectious Disease I – Position Statements: Infectious Disease Position Statements Roundtable I (Members Only)
  • Infectious Disease II: Supporting an Integrated Foodborne, Waterborne, Enteric, and Environmentally Transmitted Diseases Program Network
  • Sponsors I
  • Sponsors II
  • Surveillance Informatics I: Efforts to Standardize and Align Core Data Elements in Case Notification Message Mapping Guides (MMGs) with eCR and USCDI
  • Surveillance Informatics II: Development and Implementation of an Opioid Overdose Spike Response Protocol at the County Level: Challenges and Lessons Learned, Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH)