Game-On! CSTE Virtual Connection

While we all desire an in-person conference with face-to-face engagement, the 2021 Virtual Annual Conference will showcase excellent program content, networking with peers and leaders, and provide timely best practices to “Building Bridges to Health” in public health epidemiology. We challenge attendees to make the most of this time and connect with colleagues, visit sponsors and exhibitors, attend as many live sessions as possible, engage in video chat, and share your virtual business card with others.

Registered attendees can earn points, and the chance to win prizes, by completing activities within the virtual conference platform. By participating in the game, you consent to agency permission for acceptance of any prizes offered. CSTE staff (who are not eligible for prizes) can review time stamps, duration, and other aspects of point accrual and reserves the right to disqualify anyone abusing the rules and intent of the challenge. We encourage you to be respectful and appropriate in your interactions with other participants – in other words, please do not spam others to win the game!

Game Dates

The game starts and you can begin earning points when the platform is opened to registered attendees in early June and will end on Wednesday, June 16 at 3:00 p.m. (EDT).

How To Earn Points

Earn points for completing activities before and during the conference and get on the leaderboard.

150 Pts

  • Watch a video or read a resource offered in a sponsor or exhibitor’s virtual booth.
  • Use the Let’s Meet button in a sponsor or exhibitor’s booth to request a meeting.
  • Share your Virtual Business Card with one of our sponsors or exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Points awarded for each sponsor or exhibitor visited in this section.
  • Points awarded for each poster presentation visited.

100 Pts

  • Upload a photo to your profile (only awarded once)
  • Share your Virtual Business Card with another attendee.
  • Join a video chat session with another attendee.

50 Pts

  • Join Group Chat (awarded for chat per attendee).
  • Attend a session (awarded once per session).
  • Be the first to start a chat with another attendee.

Daily Prize Winners

The top five (5) score totals by 4:00 p.m. EDT on each day from Monday, June 14th through Wednesday, June 16th will be entered in a raffle for a daily prize of a $50 Amazon gift card. A registered attendee can only be the daily winner once; however, all the daily winners will be entered in the grand prize drawing. Only one daily prize winner Monday through Wednesday.

Grand Prize Winners

The top ten (10) daily score totals by 4:00 p.m. EDT on each day from Monday, June 14th through Wednesday, June 16th will be entered in the Thursday grand prize drawing for a $150 Amazon gift card. Only one grand prize winner.