Sleeping Mat Supply Drive for

Those Experiencing Homelessness

At this year’s CSTE Annual Conference, we will be collecting plastic grocery bags for CSTE’s Past President, Sherri Davidson’s Aunt, Joy Lait , who uses them to create crocheted sleeping mats for people experiencing homelessness. These mats are reusable and water-resistant. To support this effort, we are asking all in-person attendees to bring at least 5 pre-cut plastic grocery bags to conference. If every person brings 5 bags, we will have over 7,500 to donate!This is a great way to upcycle your used grocery bags and contribute to a great cause!  

Directions:To prepare the grocery bags for use, they need to be cut into strips. This only takes a few minutes. Watch this easy, step-by-step video by Joy, creator of the sleeping mats, OR follow the directions below.

1.       Select clean and dry grocery bags.  

2.       Fold the bag in half. Cut off the handles and bottom of the bag. Discard those pieces.  

3.       Measure and cut 3-inch wide strips. If utilizing Kroger bags, measure 4-inch wide strips.  

4.       Place all strips into a Ziploc bag. If possible, please separate bags of different colors into separate Ziploc bags. 

5.       Bring to the Registration Desk at the Annual Conference or send by Friday, May 20, 2022 to: 

                        CSTE National Office 

                        2635 Century Parkway NE  

                        Suite 700                              

                        Atlanta, GA 30345