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About the Virtual Conference

The virtual conference will operate on a website platform and will be similar to an in-person conference in the sense that presentations will be organized into sessions and assigned a date and time. We recommend that attendees prepare now by blocking off as much of your calendar as possible during the conference dates of June 13-17, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (EDT).  The time zone for all live conference sessions are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). All breakout and plenary sessions will be recorded and available on the virtual platform for up to three months after the conclusion of the event for registered attendees.

LIVE plenary and breakout sessions will occur during their assigned conference session date and time where pre-recorded presentations will be played and presenting authors, moderators, and attendees participate in live chat and Q&A. Pre-recorded presentations are required for conference production and to avoid potential presenting author technical difficulties during day of sessions. Presenting authors will attend the live session date and time to participate in chat discussions and answer questions.

LIVE workshops, roundtables, and networking sessions will occur during their assigned conference session date and time where attendees will participate in live discussions. Workshops will host live presentations, discussions, and some may host breakout sessions. Roundtables and networking sessions do not host formal presentations as they are intended for robust discussions among attendees. Workshops may or may not be recorded for on-demand viewing later depending on the session. Roundtables and networking sessions are not recorded for on-demand viewing later.

ON-DEMAND poster and breakout sessions will have an assigned conference session date and time for scheduling, but will be available for viewing at any time when the virtual platform is opened to attendees and for up to three months after the conference. There will not be a live chat or Q&A during these sessions. However, attendees will be able to leave written questions and presenting authors are expected to respond to those questions on the virtual platform in a timely manner.  

11/2/20           Open: Call for Abstracts

1/6/21             Deadline: Call for Abstracts

2/2/21             Open: Registration

3/18/21           Deadline: Ordinary Process Position Statements

3/24/21           Invitations Sent: Presenting Authors

3/26/21           Open: Call for Late-Breaker Abstracts

4/9/21             Deadline: Call for Late-Breaker Abstracts

4/12/21           Deadline: Presenter and Moderator Invitation Response

4/23/21           Invitations Sent: Late-Breaker Presenting Authors

4/30/21           Deadline: Early-Bird Registration

5/10/21           Deadline: Presentation Upload

5/24/21           Deadline: Registration Closes